Phone Mediumship

Phone mediumship, like face to face sessions, is designed to enable communication between the living and the realm of spirits. For the individual seeking contact with a lost one who has passed away, phone mediumship can be even more special than a face to face reading, because they can remain within the comfort of their own home. This not only adds a sense of security and privacy, it allows the seeking person to be totally relaxed and without the inhibitions often experienced when face to face with a person they do not know terribly well.

A medium will prepare very thoroughly for phone mediumship. He or she will not only tune into the conversation they are having over the phone with the living, they will also tune into the energies coming over via the phone and from the spirit world. This is often achieved through preparatory meditation. Once on the phone, the reader will allow the enquirer to ask their question/s and then endeavor to make contact with the spirit world. They will then pass on any feelings, emotions or messages they may receive. It should be noted that not every session is successful.

Phone mediumship is reliant on spirits wishing to communicate just like any other session. While spirits are not bound by space or time, and will subsequently make contact wherever the medium or the person wishing to communicate may happen to be, there are occasions when a spirit may not be able to get through, or simply not wish to be in touch. Essentially, it is up to the medium to make both the living and the deceased comfortable with and during the proceedings.

The medium should not be given too much personal information by the person seeking to contact those who have passed over. Too much information will not only clutter their minds, it will also make it difficult to distinguish genuine messages from things the medium may feel the enquirer wishes to hear. While a medium will provide comfort and may assist in reconciliations between the living and the dead, genuine mediumship should not involve the medium stating anything they were not given by spirits.

In other words, they should not try to help by making statements a seeker wishes to hear, as this may ultimately hinder the normal process of grieving and achieving closure. The main goal of phone mediumship is to provide the living with the comfort of knowing that loved ones have crossed over into the spirit world and are happy there, while still watching over those they have left behind.

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